Our Same Day Dental Implant Procedure

To get the smile you have longed for in just one day may sound like a fantasy, but we promise you it is a reality.

Our dental implant procedure is suitable for the vast majority of people and could be right for you even if you have been told you are not able to have dental implants.

So how can we do it in a day?

A very common question we get asked is how can we do it in a day when the traditional tooth  implant process can take months? Well, our procedure uses titanium rods which are custom fitted to you, and are set at an angle meaning there is no need for dental bone grafting that traditional implants can demand.

Six months reduced to 6 hours – a quick and simple implant procedure and a solution to your loose and missing teeth.  Sound good?

Our process for you to get the smile you have longed for

  1. Come and meet us

    First step is to spend some time with one of our implant dentists.  They will review your treatment needs and medical health, and examine your teeth and gums to work out if same day dental implants are the right solution for you. Choose one of our three clinics: Harley Street in London, Peterborough or Folkestone.

  2. Suitable for same day dental implants?

    You will have a computerised 3D x-ray (CT scan) taken which enables us to measure both the amount of bone you have and where it is. This helps us be completely sure that the treatment is right for you.
    NB: We have our own Dental CT scanners in the clinic that are a lower dose, meaning you do not need to be placed in a tunnel and can sit in a normal chair throughout.

    Not suitable for same day dental implants?

    We will discuss alternative solutions with you.

  3. Treatment plan

    Once the CT scan confirms that dental implant therapy is right for you, we will plan your treatment. Our implant team analyses both the CT scan as well as your clinical records and formulates your detailed plan of care which is sent to you along with the associated costs. We provide a fixed price service so you are not hit by hidden extras and do not encounter any money surprises down the line.

  4. Book your treatment date

    Once you decide to go ahead with the Smile in a Day dental implant procedure, contact us straight away to book a date for your treatment. You’ll be one step closer to that new smile and renewed confidence you are so looking forward to.

  5. We stay in touch

    We keep in regular contact with you to make sure everything is on course for your treatment date. If the distance you need to travel to one of our clinics means returning home after your treatment is not possible, we are happy to source and book accommodation for you, and anyone who accompanies you, to suit your budget.

  6. Virtual surgery

    To make sure we are fully prepared for your treatment we run a virtual surgery to assess any potential problems and devise the necessary solutions. If required we create a 3D printed version of your jaw so we can plan your surgery in more detail.

  7. Get your smile back

    The day of your treatment is here. Feel free to bring someone along with you for moral support or a lift home – the majority of our patients do. We will take just as good care of them as we do of you. Just think … within hours of your treatment you will have your smile and confidence back and return to a normal life.

  8. Follow up and permanent teeth

    The teeth we fit on the day, although looking natural, beautiful and fixed in place, will be temporary teeth that are designed to speed up and help with the healing process.

    • Ten weeks after your treatment we will ask you to come back, but don’t worry, there is no more surgery!
    • We will take an impression of your teeth to ensure that your final permanent teeth are a perfect fit
    • 3 weeks later, we will check the fit of your new teeth
    • 10 days later, we will fit your brand new permanent teeth.

 If you are still not convinced …

Find out more about how we care and support you in your journey towards, during and after your decision to regain your smile with some same day dental implants. We also have past clients from each of our clinics who are more than happy to discuss with you what you can expect, and more importantly how wonderful life is after the treatment!

To hear first-hand about how our dental implants transform lives, take a look at what some of our previous patients have to say.  If you want to discuss our same day dental implant procedure, or book a free consultation with one of our implant dentists, either give us a call on 0203 553 6415, visit our Contact Us page or fill in the ‘Free consultation’ form.