How Can You Do It In a Day?

A common question we hear is “How can we fit implants and new teeth in just one day”?

This is understandable considering traditional implants can take many months of fittings and uncomfortable denture wearing until your final teeth arrive.

It all comes down to our well documented and scientifically proven technique.

The science behind the magic – How do dental implants work?

As with most dental implant procedures, we use titanium rods securely fitted into the jaw, that act as tooth roots, and a support structure, for your new teeth.

However, that’s where the similarity ends. Our innovative approach prepares and positions the rods to take advantage of as much remaining bone as possible. The rods are often fitted at an angle, or in many cases they are pre angled, in order to get the longest titanium ‘root’ possible without  needing to do any bone grafting that traditional implants can demand.

No bone grafting?

No …

… and without the need for bone grafts, this means the whole procedure, giving you a natural smile and letting you eat and speak confidently, can take as little as five hours from beginning to end!

… and without the need for bone grafts, you can still have a beautiful new smile, even if you have been told in the past that you are not suitable for implants!

With the titanium rods fitted permanently, the new teeth we give you on the day will look and feel beautiful and secure. However, although neither you nor anyone else will notice, these are actually still temporary teeth.

Temporary teeth are designed to speed up and help with healing as your gums will settle down after surgery giving us the opportunity to ensure the best possible fit for your final permanent teeth. All you will need to do is come back around 10 weeks later for an impression and fittings, and have your permanent set of new teeth fitted. See full details about our dental implant procedure.

If you have any other questions about how dental implants work, please look at our FAQ page, as we have probably been asked before! Or alternatively pick up the phone or come and see us for a chat.